After 25 years of working as the leading manufacturer of medical-grade hydrogels, our team realized that this technology should be available over the counter to the consumer market - not just to big medical companies.
Based in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, American-made Medagel utilizes a 16,500 square foot cGMP, FDA-Registered, ISO-Cleared facility to develop long-lasting hydrogel innovations. Our team aims to identify common, irritating, everyday problems for which advanced, skin-friendly hydrogel products can provide the solution.


Hydrogels are gel-like sheets of water created by mixing pure water with focused formulas before being hit with power light to create a solid form.

No hard chemicals, parabens, sulfates, or latex.


Take a look. You will only find water, clean preservatives, and powerful ingredients in our products.

Made in the USA, you can be confident in knowing what you’ re putting on your skin.

Limited ingredients. Full transparency.


Our technology is backed by clinica l results . Our products are put to the test inside and outside of registered laboratories confirming and providing powerful data supporting the effecti veness of our products.
Our products will take you beyond the expected, meaning you will always find a unique range of products that are confirmed to be skin-friendly, safe, and of the highest quality.

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