What are hydrogel patches?

Hydrogel patches are made from a water-based gel that provides hydration and soothing relief. They are designed to treat skin irritations, blisters, and minor wounds.

Will these patches hydrate dry skin?

Yes, these patches are perfect for hydrating dry skin, including cracked fingers, eczema spots, and callouses. For larger areas, consider our CIRCLES PLUS ALOE patches.

Do the patches stick to the skin without additional tape?

No, these patches do not stick directly to delicate skin. You should secure them with Medagel's Protective Adhesive Knit or athletic tape for a secure hold.

Are these patches suitable for ballerina feet?

Yes, these patches are reinforced for added flexibility and strength, making them ideal for ballerinas who need durable protection during long performances.

What is a hydrogel?

A hydrogel is a sheet made primarily of water and a proprietary formulation, solidified using powerful light without harsh chemicals, to create a versatile gel.

Does SilverSeal contain real silver?

Yes, each SilverSeal patch contains X-static silver fibers, known for their antimicrobial properties, to help prevent infections.

Are these patches sterile?

Yes, each patch is sterile, ensuring safe use on wounds and skin irritations.

Is SilverSeal medical-grade?

Yes, SilverSeal is a medical-grade product that has been used in hospitals for over 20 years.

Will SilverSeal stick to my wounded skin?

No, SilverSeal patches do not stick to the skin. You will need to secure them with a conventional bandage to keep them in place, ensuring painless removal and healing.

How many patches come in a Hexagel jar?

Each Hexagel jar contains 200 hydrogel patches designed for optimal coverage and relief.

What is the unique shape of the Hexagel patches?

The hexagon shape of the Hexagel patches allows for pinpoint accuracy in treating skin irritations, providing a custom-fit feeling.

How do I apply the hydrogel patches?

Clean and dry the affected area, remove the blue film backing, and place the gel side down on the desired area.

Do the patches provide instant relief?

Yes, the patches instantly cool and soothe the skin, providing relief from blisters and skin irritations.

Are the patches latex-free?

Yes, all our patches are latex-free, making them safe for people with latex allergies.

Are the patches suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes, the patches are ultra-hydrating and skin-friendly, suitable for sensitive skin types.

How do I secure the patches for all-day relief?

Cover the hydrogel patch with Medagel's Adhesive Knit, athletic tape, or a bandage for all-day relief.

Can these patches be used for blister prevention?

Yes, our patches are designed to prevent blisters by cushioning and protecting the skin from friction.

Are your products sterile?

Yes, all products are packaged under strict sterile conditions in our laboratory.

Will TURFGUARD stick to my healing skin?

NO! TURFGUARD is made of cooling hydrogel that is non-adhesive. To secure patch, simply secure with athletic tape of your choice.

What clinically studies were done with TURFGUARD?

TURFGUARD is an FDA-cleared product that is clinically proven to reduce scarring and KILL 99% of STAPH, MRSA, and STREP.**
**Scars, Burns & Healing
Volume 8: 1–12
DOI: 10.1177/20595131221122303

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