Medagel offers a range of products that are FDA registered and ISO certified, our hydrogel platform technology can be manufactured with or without active ingredients. Whether our gentle gels are used for OTC medications, wound healing and care, or cosmetics and commercial product applications, we pride ourselves in our flexibility, versatility, and superior consumer experience.


After 25 years of working as the leading manufacturer of medical-grade hydrogels, our team realized that this technology should also be available over the counter to the consumer market-not just too large medical device companies.

Based in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, American-made Medagel uses a 16,500 square foot cGMP, FDA registered, ISO facility to create long-lasting hydrogel innovations. Our R&D team strives to identify common, irritating, everyday problems where advanced, skinfriendly hydrogel products can be the answer!


means that you can find a unique range of products that are confirmed to be skin-friendly, safe, and of the highest quality.
With more than 200+ formulations and innovations under our belts, we are as committed as ever to continue to work together to provide our families with even more dynamic, skin-friendly, advanced hydrogel solutions.



Our medical-grade hydrogels are gel-like colloidal substance made of water and solids.

Medagel’s unique and proprietary manufacturing process uses a powerful e-beam accelerator to create our cross-linked hydrogels. We do not use chemical cross-linking to create your hydrogels!

By using an e-beam to create our hydrogels, our products are all of a very high water content providing maximum hydration to the skin.

By dissolving a skin-friendly polymer with water we create a mix that is then coated onto a gentle liner.

Our mixes are combined with active ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Arnica, and Lidocaine to target specific OTC concerns.

The mix-coated liner glides through our e-beam accelerator and is exposed to powerful light that turns the mix into a solid, gel form.

Our sheets of hydrating hydrogels will be cut into a customized shape that will provide targeted relief to even the smallest irritated areas of the body.

Paraben-free, Latex-free, Cruelty-free. Medical-grade con

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